Friends donate vital heart monitor

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Friends of Airedale have funded a vital heart monitor for
the stroke unit at Airedale Hospital, helping detect heart conditions and
reduce the risk of further strokes.

The pocket sized Novacor device monitors for a heart
condition called Atrial fibrillation (AF), which is often found in patients who
subsequently have a stroke.  A person with AF is five times more likely to
have a stroke than someone without the condition and according to research 3
out of 4 strokes could have been prevented if AF had been detected.

The stroke unit cares for 350 patients and their families
every year, supporting patients in overcoming the often devastating effects of
a stroke by providing medical care, advice and after care to mitigate any
further risk of strokes in the future.  By using the monitors the stroke
team are now detecting a third of their patients with AF, which is higher than
the national AF detection rate of 22%.    Patients are able to
be monitored over longer periods and the monitor is small and non-invasive so
patients can carry on with their normal activities while wearing it.

Pam Beaumont Stroke Clinical Nurse Specialist at Airedale
NHS Foundation Trust says:

“You are stopping lots of big strokes by having this simple
monitor on.

For example we’ve had a patient arrive this week having had
a stroke.  We are trying to find out the reason for her stroke and it
could be AF.  People go in and out of that AF rhythm over a period of time
so we can’t do a plain ECG, we have to use this monitor.  So for that lady
she was on the monitor within a few hours of her admission.  Previously we
had to use monitors from the cardiac team which could involve a wait of a few
weeks but by using these we can get patients on the medication straight
away.  We are responding very quickly to the cause of the stroke and then
getting our patients on medication for treatment.”

The trust started using the monitors in 2016 and this is the
4th monitor on the unit, at a cost of £1500 each. 

Eileen Proud, President of Friends of Airedale says:

“I’ve had experience of these monitors as we helped buy 3 of
these in 2016 and one of the first to be used was on my brother, so I’m aware
how important they are and how they cut down diagnosis time.”

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