Herding cats… why we do what we do

Posted on February 9, 2015 by AireAdmin

Last week was a busy one…
…On Monday I had a meeting of minds with colleagues from Staffordshire.  We discussed prevention, self care, proactive care and reactive urgent care all made better by technology.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could understand habits, health triggers etc. in the same way as Tesco knows everything there is to know about our buying habits? We could then design health and care in a holistic way in conjunction with each patient/service user.  This is the care I would like for my family, at a time and place suitable using technology.

On Wednesday I attended and spoke at a Monitor creating strategy event.  I saw a fabulous simulation in action showing how patients move through A&E and where the bottlenecks are.  We then saw how this changed if you added in another specialist consultant versus nurse or other consultant.  The last time I used simulation software was to see how passengers moved through Terminal 3 at London Heathrow airport, this informed the terminal design, where we placed self service check in and when the most optimum time/place was to send a voucher for their known favourite refreshment to the passengers mobile phone.  Holistic!

We already have independent evaluation demonstrating a 37% reduction in urgent admissions from nursing and residential care homes with telemedicine (equating to a £5.2m reduction in costs) so if we could use simulation software to work through the impact of new models of care (e.g. enhance health and care in care homes, MCP, PACS) then add on the impact of technologies such as telemedicine I would like to think this would result in a ‘no brainer’ moment. As ever, the technology is the easy bit.  Integration, change and bringing together health and care partners is the tricky but truly beneficial bit.

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Finally, if you ever have a ‘herding cats’ moment then take a look at this clip and remember why we do what we do!

Rebecca Malin
Deputy Director of Strategy and Business Development