Hospital Hairdressers go mobile thanks to Friends donation

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Salon owner Beverly Naylor

When someone is ill in hospital they can miss out on their usual daily routines and something as simple as a wash and blow dry can make all the difference to feeling better.

 Now the hairdressing team at Airedale Hospital can go mobile thanks to the Friends of Airedale charity who have bought 3 mobile wash basins to make it much easier for the hairdressers to visit the wards for those patients who can’t leave their bed or ward.  They’ve also bought 2 new overhead dryers for use in the busy salon.

 Salon owner Beverly Naylor from Cononley has been styling hair at the hospital for over 30 years and 5 years ago made it a family business when she was joined by daughter Helen.  The hairdressing team offer a chance to brighten the day of patients with a style and a friendly chat.

 Beverly says: “Our service is vital to help those patients who can’t wash their own hair or just want to feel better during their stay in hospital.    I love working here and love the fact I’m helping patients to feel good.”

 Michelle Rust, Health Care Support Worker, who has arranged visits for patients and is also a regular at the salon herself says: “If patients feel better about themselves, this all helps their wellbeing.  Having your hair done can really change the way you feel and it’s nice for them to have a visit from the hairdressers or go the salon and come back to the ward feeling good.”

 The salon, based near the Zone D entrance, offers its services to visitors and staff as well as patients, is open 3 mornings a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Blow drys are £11 and trims just £9.  Patients can speak to staff on the ward to arrange an appointment or telephone 01535 292711.


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