Hospital hosts Active-ageing event

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A special event was held at Airedale Hospital to help older people learn how to stay active and age well.

The event was part of Older People’s Week which sees fun events being held across the district, celebrating the contribution older people make and offering healthy activities to take part in.

A team of therapists were on hand to take visitors through a ‘circuit’ with different activities to test balance, flexibility, endurance, stamina and muscle strength.  Therapy staff were then able to show people the norms for their age and then encourage them to do more of what is recommended to stay well.

Freya Sledding, Therapy Service Manager at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We thought we would do something on a preventative scale and so the event is about keeping people well and healthy and helping people to age well. 

What we find is that people who are active might say ‘I do a lot of walking’ but actually their upper limb strength isn’t as good as it could be or people do a regular exercise class but actually they are not very flexible and their balance isn’t very good, so we want to promote all different types of activities so people can see what their strengths are as well as their weaknesses. 

It’s more about pre-therapy and we hope that after today people will make pledges, so they might decide to eat better or do something that helps their balance, so that people are really looking after their health and making sure they can do what will be good for them in the long term.”

Also on hand were community groups such as Age UK, University of the 3rd Age to share what activities they offer in the community.  The holistic event also included advice on nutrition and keeping emotionally well.

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