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Airedale Hospital is offering an exciting opportunity for volunteers to take part in assessments of the care environment – starting in a few weeks’ time in May.

The Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) take place every year and look at the hospital environment to see how well it is meeting the needs of its patients.  Volunteers will look at cleanliness, the quality of food and drinks, the condition of the buildings, how well the buildings meet patient needs and how well they support those with dementia or a disability.

Anyone who uses the hospital can become an assessor including patients, relatives and carers, friends or patient advocates or trust members.  The assessments are ‘patient-led’ to ensure that patients’ views are given the highest priority and the aim is to highlight good practice and also where improvements are needed.

No specialist knowledge or experience is needed and training will be given for anyone interested in the role which involves a training session and 2 half day assessments.

Refreshments will be provided and parking and travel costs reimbursed.  The assessment days will involve lots of walking around the hospital – although the trust can help support and make adjustments for anyone with physical or other disabilities.

Rita Oddy, Head of Facilities at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“These assessments aim to look at what matters most to our patients, it puts patient wishes at the centre and it wouldn’t happen without them.  We really look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to make a difference.”

For more information see the role guide on the Trust website ‘How to get involved’ page or email or phone 01535 294549.

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