Hospital team plan community roadshow to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day

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In celebration of International Clinical Trials Day, staff from Airedale Hospital are giving people the opportunity to find out more about research and take part in a Yorkshire’s largest health study – at a number of events in the community starting on 22 May.

International Clinical Trials Day is held on 20 May each year to commemorate the day that James Lind, the famous 18th century Scottish physician, began his trials into the causes of scurvy.

In 1747 on board the HMS Salisbury, James Lind took 12 men with scurvy, divided them into six pairs and experimented with different remedies. The two treated with citrus fruits made an impressive recovery and James Lind was credited with organising the first clinical trial 270 years ago. Clinical trials have developed a great deal since Lind’s discovery and are of vital importance in medical research.

Airedale Hospital has seen a record increase in the number of people taking part in clinical research in recent years, which is vital for enabling new and better treatments to be developed. One current project is the Yorkshire Health Study, a 10 minute health questionnaire which has already been filled in by 42,000 people and aims to identify and improve the health needs of the region.

Head of Research and Innovation, Dr Carole Paley, and her team will be visiting venues in Skipton and Keighley during the week:

  • Tuesday 22nd May – Morrison’s Supermarket, Skipton – 10am – 2pm
  • Weds 23rd May – Keighley Leisure Centre Café – 10am – 1pm
  • Friday 25th May – Airedale Shopping Centre, Keighley – 10am – 1pm

Dr Paley says:  “Research is vital for improving the care we give to patients and ensuring that treatments are based on the best and most up to date evidence, Research also helps new treatments to be developed to give us the best outcomes for patients. We want to show people how important research is and how it can transform their care”.

“Our staff on the day will be talking to people about research, and people can take the opportunity to be part of the Yorkshire health Study which involves completing a health questionnaire. There will also be a few leaflets and small mementoes to take away with you.”

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