Information and advice for Airedale maternity patients

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Airedale NHS Foundation Trust aims to maintain all of our maternity pathways and where possible will use technology to reduce the number of face to face contacts. This is important for the safety of our staff and our mothers-to-be in the light of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Problems and concerns

If you are experiencing any pregnancy related problems or symptoms for you or your baby, including your baby’s movements please, you MUST contact us by telephone for advice.  Please see your green hand held notes for relevant contact details as you would have done prior to this pandemic.

 The Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC) is open 8.30am to 7.30pm, Monday to Friday. Call 01535 292120 or 292410

For any urgent concerns outside these hours (or if the telephone in MAC is not answered) please contact the labour ward on 01535 292402 and a midwife will be happy to help you.


All routine appointments will go ahead, but some may take place by telephone, you will be advised if this is the case for your appointment.

Women who have a planned ante-natal appointment scheduled either at the hospital or with a community midwife in the near future will be contacted and asked a series of questions about their health.  They will be assessed as to whether it is safe for that appointment be deferred should the woman be showing symptoms of coronavirus infection. However, anyone who has a high-risk pregnancy will still attend the hospital for some of their appointments.


Please see our latest leaflet for information on scans:

Airedale Maternity Advice COVID-19 V4

Home births

We recognise that women may be feeling anxious about coming into hospital to give birth during the coronavirus outbreak and may feel that giving birth at home is safer for them and their baby. Community midwives will have discussions with women in this situation and a safe solution will be found. The homebirth service is being reviewed regularly but throughout the month of April the services have been suspended as a result of the current pandemic.

Parent education

We are working on a solution that will enable us to carry on with our parent education classes and everyone who is booked into a course of sessions will be contacted.

Find all the latest Airedale coronavirus information here:

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