Introducing digital patient letters

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Paediatric, Rheumatology and Obstetrics & Gynaecology patients are being offered the option of receiving their patient letters digitally.  This is a trial project to see how well it works, and what our patients think. 

This system is called DrDoctor.  With your agreement, you will receive a text message from 07860 039094 which will allow you to access your letters via the DrDoctor portal where they can be viewed and saved.

However, if you prefer not to access your letters this way a paper letter will be sent as usual.  This will also happen if your text message doesn’t reach you – if you don’t access your letter via the link, the system knows to send a paper letter to you.

This leaflet gives you more information, and your clinic receptionists will be able to help.  There are also some frequently asked questions here.

We will be asking for your feedback so please let us know what you think!  Please contact and

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