Keighley group makes donation in memory of Isobel Scarborough

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A group which has helped improve the health and activity of elderly people in Keighley for over a quarter of century has made a donation this week to Airedale Hospital, in memory of one of its founding members, Isobel Scarborough.

Isobel was well known in Keighley and was a driving force in many local voluntary projects including Keighley Council for Voluntary Services and the Furniture Project, but sadly passed away in 2017 at the age of 84.

Isobel was also a co-founder of the Keighley Elderly Initiatives Group, which began its work over 25 years ago, but which closed last year and the group decided to donate £1000 to the Friends charity at Airedale Hospital, where Isobel was also very much involved.

Doreen Robinson worked with Isobel for 20 years on the group and says:

“It started when the government gave communities funding to help elderly people by setting up activities and it was one of Isobel’s passions to help elderly people.  The group used to do a big event each year at Victoria Hall for older people’s week with food and entertainment, it was really popular.  We decided though with Isobel passing away and other members leaving that it was time to close the group and thought it would be fitting to make the donation to the hospital.”

The group have asked that the donation be used for the maternity unit as Isobel was a midwife by profession.

Eileen Proud, President of Friends said:

“I knew Isobel for over 30 years, she was a Friend of Airedale and a real stalwart who always stuck by what she thought, she is sadly missed.  We are very grateful that they have thought of us for this donation.”

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