My role in the community

Posted on August 8, 2014 by AireAdmin

My name is Carolyn and I’m the lead for Airedale’s community specialist nurses team. It’s a great team, we all work closely together for our innovative, friendly Trust. We provide high quality care which is Airedale’s trademark – and we are proud of it.

Community Services came over to Airedale NHS Foundation Trust in 2012 when the primary care trusts were dissolved.  We have specialist nurses covering neurology, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation, continence and haemoglobinopathy services.  Quite a few of us, me included, worked for Airedale before we went over to community services in the PCTs, so we’ve been around a long time!

We’re based outside the hospital on a community site, and see our patients in their own homes or clinics which the nurses lead, but also we work closely with our colleagues on the hospital site.

Our care is completely focussed around our patients at the centre and Airedale Trust’s’ Right Care Vision absolutely embraces that. Exciting developments such as telemedicine means some of our patients don’t have to leave their homes to talk face-to-face to a specialist nurse or doctor.