New kit bags for Craven Collaborative Care Team

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The Collaborative Care Team at Skipton Hospital took delivery of brand new red kit bags this week, thanks to the Friends of Airedale charity.

The bags contain vital equipment that staff need when doing their daily visits – thermometers, stethoscopes, needles, a glucometer, a rescue mask for CRP and sample bottles and dressings.  The extra bags provided now means that each member of staff on every single shift has access to their own bag, with all the equipment that they need.

The Collaborative Care Team are based at Skipton Hospital and have 20 members of staff including nurses, Health Care Support Workers, physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. The aim of the team is to prevent hospital admission wherever possible and safe to do so and help patients get home from hospital more quickly and safely with the support they might need at home.

The team can visit people up to 4 times a day in their home including night visits to help avoid a crisis, and care is planned to meet individual needs.  They care for patients who may have an acute illness and if there was a possibility they would be admitted to hospital, they would provide support with medications, do daily observations and checks, provide equipment and care that person might need to stay at home.

Neil Sugden, Team Leader for the Collaborative Care Team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We are very grateful to the Friends for this donation.  These new bags give the team more freedom to respond quickly to the needs of the people we look after.  Because we cover such a massive geographical area if everyone has a bag it means we can be more responsive as a service.  We have a lot of travel time because of the area we cover and these individual bags means every member of staff has everything they need.”

“We receive 130 referrals to the Craven team every month and that means around 1000-1500 follow up contacts with patients.  The bag has to be a portable treatment room for all those patients – and have everything to hand that they would have in a hospital treatment room.”


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