New wheelchairs give freedom to our stroke patients

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The Friends of Airedale charity have bought three specially designed wheelchairs for the stroke unit at Airedale Hospital, to give patients more freedom after their stroke.  The chairs are specially designed to give maximum comfort and vital postural support for people who have just had strokes that don’t have sitting balance, as Pam Beaumont, Stroke Specialist Nurse at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust explains:

“Our patients who have just had a large stroke lose their ability to sit up straight and will need assisted sitting.  We do have some static stroke chairs on the ward but these new chairs allow people to get off the ward and go outside into the gardens or to go to the coffee shop.  They just give them that mobility back that can be really important to the patients and their relatives and for their emotional health.

They make such a difference to people.  If you see the family come onto the ward and they see their relative sat out for the first time after their stroke, their faces just light up and for them to be able to take them off the ward and spend some time with them it’s wonderful.

If it wasn’t for the generosity of the Friends we wouldn’t have the equipment that we have.  We are so very grateful.”

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