Newborn hearing screeners celebrate 11 years

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Airedale Hospital’s new-born hearing screeners are celebrating 11 years of screening local babies. 


The team, which includes four screeners and an administrator, was established over a decade ago to offer all new-born babies a simple screen which can identify the possibility of a hearing loss and the need for further testing by audiology.


New parents are offered screening which is safe, simple and minimally invasive. It involves placing a small soft tip into the baby’s ear canal and a soft clicking sound is transmitted down the ear canal to test reactions to sound.


So far the service has screened around 25,000 babies and has recently set up community new born hearing screening clinics inSkipton and Keighley Children Centres.


Alison Mastrantuono, new born hearing screening manager at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It is really important new parents take the opportunity to have their babies screened so that we can quickly refer them to our audiology department for further testing if necessary.”


“If a baby is found to have hearing loss we can then offer parents support and advice. Our aim is to help them to receive the best care within four weeks of diagnosis of a hearing loss so they have the best chance of achieving their full potential.”


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