On-going maternity care during the Coronavirus pandemic – update 16 December 2020

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Maternity care is still essential during the COVID-19 pandemic and services are still running.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all hospitals are trying to reduce the number of people coming in to hospital or for appointments. This will help limit the spread of the virus and take the pressure off NHS services, including maternity services.

We are aware of the latest recommendations relating to partners at antenatal appointments, we have made several changes and are working on facilitating partners at all appointments.  Please bear with us whilst we complete risk assessments and actions to keep you and our teams safe whilst supporting your choices.

We continue to

  • run a 24 hour service and are here for you with any concerns during pregnancy and the postnatal period – you can contact us in the usual way – for non-urgent queries contact your community midwife, for urgent queries contact the Maternity Assessment Centre: Monday-Friday 0800-1900 – 01535 292410 / 01535 292120; or Labour Ward: (24 hours) – 01535 292401 / 01535 292402
  • provide face to face appointments where they are necessary and will continue to provide some telephone consultations where this will not compromise your care
  • support birth partners accompanying women to maternity assessment centre appointments and labour ward attendances
  • support birth partners accompanying women in labour at any time
  • support birth partners accompanying women at caesarean section – partners can attend with women when they are admitted for their planned caesarean and will stay with them until after the baby is born
  • support partners to stay with mum and baby on labour ward after birth for a few hours, wherever this can be facilitated safely
  • support birth partners accompanying women being induced as soon as care can be facilitated in a side room
  • support 1 hour visiting slots for birth partners whilst women are in the induction of labour bay or on the postnatal ward
  • support birth partners at dating scans and 20 week anomaly scans
  • run virtual parent education classes, which partners are encouraged to join

We know how important this time is for you and we want to do our best to make your experience special, while keeping patients safe.

Should you have any queries about your ongoing care please speak to your midwife or obstetrician.

We also have a dedicated Covid telephone line – 01535 294212 which is monitored Monday – Friday 0900-1600 and a Covid e-mail account – anhsft.maternitycovid@nhs.net which is monitored weekdays.

Our latest leaflet is here:

Airedale Maternity Advice COVID-19 V4

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