Phlebotomy (blood testing) service at Skipton Hospital is moving location

Posted on September 18, 2020 by AireAdmin

From Monday 21st September the Phlebotomy (blood testing) service at Skipton Hospital will be moving – from the main building to the Day Hospital which is situated around the back of Skipton hospital. This change gives a larger waiting area and more clinic space, allowing the hospital to provide more patient tests.

Patients can get to the new Day Hospital location on foot from the main building and signage will be there to redirect you from Main Reception. Alternatively there is a small car park along with two designated Blue Badge parking bays directly outside the Day Hospital which has its own access road off the main road. This is particularly important for patients with mobility difficulties as there is a climb and a series of steps when accessing from the lower car park.

Since the return of other services the phlebotomy service has had an ever increasing demand to accommodate the large number of patients requiring blood tests whilst at the same time observing social distancing rules.

Louise Halliday, Pre-analytics Manager, Integrated Pathology Solutions at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“Following feedback from our patients and as a result of the pandemic we have made some very positive changes; extra staff have been employed to increase the number of phlebotomists on-site and to manage the increasing number of patients arriving daily for blood tests.

The Day Hospital has also been refurbished and now has an increased waiting area to better accommodate social distancing and to increase the number of rooms available, which will allow our team to see more patients.”

Louise also explained other future plans:

“We are also planning in the near future to provide additional afternoon and weekend sessions at Skipton Hospital, to allow patients to attend throughout the day, ensuring the safety of our patients and providing more options of when patients can attend.”