Ray’s looking after his heart on Valentine’s day with the support of Airedale nurses

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Mr and Mrs Stubbs with Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist, Debbie Moses

Ray Stubbs from Ilkley is looking after his heart this Valentine’s Day, with a little help from the specialist cardiac rehabilitation nurses at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

Ray lives with his wife Winifred and they have been married for 30 years and have 7 children between them, 22 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.  Ray was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2015 and recently suffered a heart attack.

Ray’s heart attack was treated with medication rather than surgery and when his cardiac nurse Debbie Moses visited him at home, he was invited to join the cardiac rehabilitation programme at Airedale Hospital to build fitness and confidence.

The exercise class is just one of the many services Airedale NHS Foundation Trust provides for patients as part of their cardiac rehabilitation service.  The classes are held either in the hospital, at Keighley Leisure Centre or in Skipton, depending on where the patient lives.  Patients have a clinical assessment and then an 8 week course of 16 sessions which includes circuit training with 10 different exercise stations, all closely monitored by a range of staff including nurses and physiotherapists.

His wife Winifred says:   “Not only have I noticed a great improvement in his strength and physical fitness, but also in his whole wellbeing and he looked so happy taking part in the class,   I was allowed to follow him around the circuit to fill his form in for him as he gets very confused so that was a great help to him and helped me to see what he was capable of.

We really miss the class and this is all down to the staff and the way that everyone is treated individually.  Also there is always someone to help and give advice if you have a question.

For myself, going to the class and talking to the nurses and physiotherapist has made me feel less anxious and worried that another attack is imminent so I am now allowing him to do some of his usual jobs around the house and garden, while keeping an eye on him and how he is feeling.”

Ray says: “I enjoyed it, although I didn’t want to go at first.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But when I went I was very happy, we were all friends and the staff were great.”

Debbie Moses, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse says:

“The aim of the cardiac rehabilitation exercise programme is ultimately to improve heart fitness, however what we do find is many patients improve their wellbeing in general. Alongside the rest of our service, carers are included to help the patients take control of their own health and build in confidence with our support.  Ray and Winifred are a shining example of how this works for our patients.”

For more information on the service contact Nicola Drake, Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinical Lead, email Nicola.drake@anhst.nhs.uk or phone 01535 294557.

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