Staff come out from behind the theatre doors to promote their role

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Theatre staff at Airedale Hospital were today marking National Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) Day – by coming out come out from behind closed theatre doors and showing colleagues and the public more about their profession and how important ODPs are to excellent patient care.

Operating department practitioners work with patients of all ages and are involved in each phase of a person’s operation – anaesthetics, surgery and recovery.

ODPs also manage the preparation of the environment, equipment and act as the link between the surgical team and other parts of the operating theatre and hospital. They must be able to anticipate the requirements of the surgical team and respond effectively.

Karen Taylor, Clinical Governance Sister in Theatres at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“ODP’s are quite specific in that they work in theatres and do anaesthetics, scrub and recovery.  A lot of people don’t realise what ODPs are – they are the practitioners specific to theatres so once they are qualified they come into theatres and can do any of those 3 roles, so they are very useful to have in the team.”

Dean Harness, ODP says:

“It’s nice that we have been given the opportunity to put our profession out there because often people just fall into ODP training, rather than looking at it as a specific career.  They might have wanted to do nurse training and didn’t know about the role and when they have found out about ODP training and realised they want to work in the theatre environment not on the wards, they find ODP training is more geared for them.”

Dean worked his way up from being a Health Care Support Worker but the hospital also has a number of students who are taking the degree in operating practice.  One of these is Morgan Finlay from Bradford who is in her first year of 3 year degree course at Huddersfield University.  “I’m enjoying the role, it’s really good to be part of the team.”

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