Staff get special preview of new Acute Assessment Unit

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Staff and volunteers at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust got a special preview this week of the new £7m Acute Assessment unit as the Trust’s construction partner, Integrated Health Projects, gets ready to hand the building over to the trust as it nears completion.

The new 48 bed unit, which opens to patients in late April, links directly to the Emergency Department and will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The new unit aims to provide patients with better initial assessments, reduce waiting and treatment times and provide a better hospital experience in a modern environment.

The majority of patients will come into the new Unit through the Emergency Department where they will be initially assessed by the medical or surgical teams. The unit also has a new ambulatory assessment area, for patients who need urgent assessment and treatment but don’t need to be admitted to hospital.  Preliminary investigations and procedures may be carried out before patients are either discharged or admitted into a specialty ward.

For the first time the new unit is bringing together multiple smaller assessment units across the hospital from medicine, surgery and orthopaedics and co-locating them in one specialised unit, adjacent to the Emergency Department.

Dr Franco Guarasci, clinical director for acute medicine at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said: “We want all patients to be able to get the best care when they need it; we want to make sure that when patients come for treatment at Airedale’s acute unit they have rapid access to appropriately‐trained staff that can make the right decisions immediately about the treatment they need. It’s not just about simply having a new building. We are also changing the way we work and developing new systems and processes to improve our acute care service.”

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