Talking to care home staff across Bradford about our ambitions

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This week we were invited to present our ambitions for our telemedicine service to care home staff across Bradford. We discussed the service we currently offer and our hopes for the future as one of the 29 Vanguard sites across the country set up to develop new models of health and social care.

Our audience was very interested in the service and many people told us they already had telemedicine in their care homes and were using it to very good effect.

After our presentation, we asked our audience to help us shape the service and were really encouraged by the positive response and suggestions they came up with.

The most significant positive change for them has been the support they now have out of hours (OOH) and this is backed up by the integrated systems that we use. We have access to SystmOne and use this to reduce admissions to hospital as the nurses in the Telehealth Hub offer alternatives to the GPs and can support care home staff to monitor residents more closely.

Delegates felt that the service prevents unnecessary hospital visits and improves resident’s care and choice, particularly at the end of life, as they can be cared for safely in their place of residence with remote round-the-clock support from the Telehealth Hub.

There were lots of suggestions for improving the service such as the Hub having access to nurse prescribers and remote outpatient clinics as well as SystmOne access for care home staff and support and training provided by the Hub staff around complex conditions for both carers and nurses.

It was felt that offering services such as podiatry, dieticians, speech and language therapy and access to a tissue viability nurse would also be very useful.

We also asked the care home staff to tell us how we could engage with their residents to improve the care they receive and views were mixed around how this could be achieved. Feedback forms could be useful but also asking families and carers to support the resident with feedback and arranging to meet up with resident’s family and their GPs could prove beneficial.

It was also agreed that we must pursue person centred care and develop  advanced care plans to ensure that resident’s voices are heard and their wishes acted upon.

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Rachel Binks, Nurse Consultant (digital and acute care), Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

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