Telemedicine champions chosen to have a truly fabulous time

Posted on December 2, 2015 by AireAdmin

We had no doubt that the ‘Fabness Awards’ would be different from conventional awards events- but didn’t realise just how fabulous they would be.

The celebration was held in an intimate venue – The Village Underground – which hosts everything from concerts and club nights to exhibitions. And our host Roy Lilley was dressed as a ring master to fit in with the spectacular ‘circus’ theme. Throughout the event there were amazing acts including trapeze artists and tightrope walkers. We were all give musical instruments that looked like they had come from an Early Learning Centre – I had a drum – and we played them as each winner was announced.

All the awards were sponsored by organisations ranging from Deloitte and Cerner UK to IMS Health. Our category was sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim – a German pharmaceutical company and the winners received a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Finalists had to demonstrate the same qualities as Sir James Dyson needed to deliver is first ‘Cyclone’ – hurdle obstacles, convert nay-sayers and deliver ultimate success. We can certainly identify with that.

Our category was won by a really impressive project which offered street triage for people in mental health crisis. But we are so proud that ‘Airedale round the clock’ – our telemedicine service run by Immedicare – a partnership between technical providers Involve and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust – was chosen as a finalist from all the wonderful ideas put forward for The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff throughout the year.

We both had a brilliant, truly fabulous time and it was so inspiring meeting other people working in the NHS who were really passionate about their projects which were often very simple ideas that had made such a huge difference to those that they cared for. It really demonstrated how hardworking and committed many NHS staff are to their work.

There was around 120 of us and there were some really high profile NHS guests, Simon Stevens CEO NHS England; Jane Cummings chief nursing officer; Samantha Jones who leads the Vanguard programme but best of all was my hero Roy Lilley – I love him to bits. It was a truly inspirational and fun event which I won’t forget in a hurry. #FabAwards2015

Annette Ferrier, telemedicine engagement lead at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Marie Buchan, telemedicine manager at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust