Trust launches special services for relatives

Posted on April 7, 2020 by AireAdmin

The Trust has set up three new special services today (Mon 6 April) – all to help relatives who have a loved one in hospital.

The first is a delivery and collection service where relatives can drop off a bag of essentials, such as clothes, nightwear, books and toiletries, so these can be delivered by volunteers to the patient’s bedside. You may also wish to collect items from your loved one to take home to wash.

The service will run from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

A timeslot will be arranged with you when you request the service. You can then drop off your bag with the name, date of birth and ward clearly marked to: Building 15 Child Development Centre at Airedale General Hospital.  A member of the volunteer team will receive your bag and provide anything for you to collect. They will then deliver your loved one’s bag to the ward. The Trust can’t accept any requests from households with any COVID-19 symptoms but if you are unable to visit the hospital site because you are self-isolating, they may be able to arrange for a volunteer to collect from your home.

The Trust has also set up a free ‘Sending Hugs’ service whereby relatives or friends can send a letter and photos or card which will then be delivered to the ward by a team of volunteers.

Just email the letter and photographs or card (you can use this website to design your card and include the patient’s full name, date of birth and ward they are staying on.  If you are not able to email and want the trust to hand write one of their own cards for you, you can phone.

The third service is the creation of ‘Care Parcels’ which relatives can send to their loved one during their hospital stay if they themselves are self-isolating. The package is a small bundle of items to help your loved one to feel more comfortable during their time in hospital. The care parcels have been created to help reassure relatives that your loved one has the basic items they need should they be unable to visit in person. A card will accompany each parcel and you can customise a short message. The trust aims to deliver parcels within 24-48 hours. Parcels include toiletries, a magazine, sweets and a pen and notecards.

To request any of the services email or phone 01535 294027.

Lynsey Nicholson, Patient Experience Lead at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We appreciate that this is a very difficult time for families who are not able to visit their loved one whilst in hospital. It’s not easy to be apart from someone you love when they’re unwell and we’re very grateful to people for their support to keep our hospital safe. We wanted to set up a service that would still help families maintain a sense of connection at this time. We hope that what we’ve put into place will help give families peace of mind that their loved one has their own things around them, to remind them of home and help them feel more comfortable.”

All the services are completely free but if anyone would like to support the Care for Airedale campaign they can donate via this link