Trust receives accreditation for excellent endoscopy service

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The team from the endoscopy unit at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust were delighted to hear the unit had once again been awarded full accreditation by the Joint Advisory Group (JAG) of the Royal College of Physicians for its excellent endoscopy services.

An endoscopy is a procedure where the inside of the body is examined internally using an instrument called an endoscope – a long, thin, flexible tube with a light source and a video camera at one end.  There are different types of endoscopes and they are used to diagnose conditions in the colon, stomach and biliary tract.  The JAG sets the National standards for endoscopy units throughout the UK to ensure the quality and safety of patient care.   The standards reflect the four core components of a high quality endoscopy service: clinical quality, quality of the patient experience, workforce, and training.

The unit which provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures, needed to demonstrate excellence in a number of key areas to meet the required standard.

The assessors were particularly impressed by the innovative team with strong leadership, the cleanliness of the unit and the clear and  informative patient information.  They also thought the paging system for relatives, where they are given a pager by staff on arrival so they can wait comfortably in the café or other areas in the hospital and are then paged when the patient is ready to go home, was “fantastic”.  They were also very impressed with the open day this is held for the public where visitors have the opportunity to see how things work behind the scenes as well as try their hand at using some of the state-of-the-art equipment on training dummies.

Julie Blackburn, Lead Nurse for Endoscopy Services at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Our patients are our absolute priority and our whole team is delighted the unit has been recognised once again as providing an outstanding service.  The inspection regime was rigorous and to gain accreditation we had to provide detailed evidence that we were performing to the highest standards in every aspect of care.”

The unit which is staffed by nurses, endoscopists and support workers, provides a six day a week service and cares for approximately 11,000 patients a year.   There is also a team dedicated to the bowel cancer screening programme.

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