Reflections on my introduction to working with telemedicine

Posted on September 8, 2014 by AireAdmin

Looking back on my first week in my new role as a sister in our Telehealth Hub – it was a huge change from my previous role as a community nurse and falls practitioner.

I was rather nervous about my first video consultation (sweaty palms and butterflies every time the theme tune for the video link went off). However, I pulled myself together ready for my first consultation. Lucky for me it was someone who had fallen in a residential home (right up my street!)

Drawing on my skills and experience from my previous role, I was able to assess the patient and complete a plan of care which enabled them to be monitored in their own surroundings rather than a trip to A&E.

The accuracy of the camera was amazing and allowed me to capture and assess the patient’s injuries.

Three months down the line I have settled in nicely to my new role and the fear, sweaty palms and nausea is a distant memory. Yesterday I confidently provided a training session via video link to staff members in a nursing home. They reminded me of how I was using the equipment three months ago, shy, nervous and hiding from the camera. It was such a great feeling for me to be able to put them at ease, helping them to feel confident in using the video link – and realise it’s so easy.

Consultant Richard Pope will be telling delegates more about how we use telemedicine to support nursing homes throughout the country at The International Digital Health and Care Congress – Improving care through technology.

The event, run by The Kings Fund, 10 – 12 Sept, in London, brings together over 500 researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to explore how we can make use of technology in an innovative way to improve care of people with long-term conditions and other health and social care needs.


Lynne Mitchell, telehealth sister