World Physiotherapy Day 2020

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8 September is World Physiotherapy Day; an opportunity for physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution the profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

We’re highlighting the stories of three of our newer physiotherapists who are talking about their experience of the pandemic in their own words…


Joined the Trust in June as an MSK outpatient physiotherapist, and was immediately re-deployed to cover wards as part of the covid-19 pandemic response.

“Starting with a new Trust and new job can daunting with the addition of it being during a global pandemic.

“When I started I was redeployed to work on the medical wards. My initial fears of getting used to new setting were put to rest as I felt so welcomed and supported by the MSK and acute therapy team. Seeing MSK staff that have been redeployed and adapted to work in acute settings was reassuring.

“One of the biggest changes for me has been how the MSK service is tailored to provide a service virtually through video and telephone consultations, and I have had to adapt my ways of assessment. Alongside this, working on the medical wards has made me think on my feet more and appreciate even more the hard work that goes into ensuring patients’ safe discharge home.

“During this difficult time it has been positive to see how physiotherapists have worked outside their normal settings to help continue delivering services. I have found this a challenging time as well as being a valuable learning experience where I have developed and learnt new skills I am going to take forward as a physiotherapist.”


Joined the Trust in March 2020 to complete “Return to Practice” hours. Successfully completed these through the covid-19 pandemic, and started work as a physiotherapist July 2020.

“I started my return to practice as a physiotherapist at the end of March 2020. My first day was very intense with a full of mix emotions for my new job. It’s daunting and exciting starting a new job at the best of times, but it is especially difficult if just as you start, the country goes into lockdown and you are not able to have the normal induction and time to start to develop relationships with your new team.

“It was a new challenge starting my return to practice with new routine and responsibilities, working in a new team and during the peak of the first wave of Covid-19. I did not know what to expect. I was here and needed to conquer new challenges and achieve new goals.

“I have to admit I was anxious as I did not know what to expect regarding Covid-19, as there were many reports of frontline staff being affected by the virus. The therapy staff were very kind and willing to support me during my new challenge.

“I am part of the medical team supporting the wards and committed to delivering the highest standards of care. We are all adapting as a team, alongside the patients, to the current situation with Covid-19 and have been focused on keeping a positive mind-set.

“I started my role with an amazing team who were very much on board with my Return to Practice. I now work in the same team as a qualified physio now I’m re-registered.”


Started at the Trust physiotherapy team as a student, completing placement hours in June 2020. Tom has successfully completed his degree, and now works as physiotherapist for the Trust.

“I started working as a newly qualified physiotherapist on the temporary COVID-19 register to offer any help that I could provide. I remember feeling nervous at the prospect of entering into life as a physiotherapist during such challenging times.

“The challenges that COVID-19 have presented are well documented. From wearing PPE for full shifts, to the cleaners, nurses, doctors and porters working endless hours. To the staff who had to take time off work and finally those who persevered in delivering care despite having family members directly affected by the virus. It was all a bit chaotic for a new starter.

“However, on a more positive note, I entered into a great cardiorespiratory physio team that attempted and succeeded in raising morale with humour on lunch breaks and this made me feel welcome and settled into the job in challenging times.

“It was nice to see the combined fantastic effort across all the teams at Airedale when patients were able to walk out of the hospital after making recoveries.”

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