Coronavirus information

Guidance about COVID-19 is changing all the time. We will keep these pages as up to date as we can with our local information.

Please also refer to the NHS website and Gov website for national guidance.

We can all help control the virus if we stay alert. This means you must:

  • stay at home as much as possible

  • work from home if you can

  • limit contact with other people

  • keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible)

  • wash your hands regularly

If you or anyone in your household has symptoms do not leave home – even to go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

If you have symptoms, please use NHS 111 online coronavirus service or call 111.

If you are unwell or need medical assistance with an urgent but non-coronavirus related issue, the NHS is still here to help. You can still contact your GP over the phone, use 111 online or call 111. If you are told to go to hospital, you must go – we’ll give you the care you need.

18 September

From Monday 21 Sept our phlebotomy (blood testing) service at Skipton Hospital is moving. It’s moving from the main building to the Day Hospital building on the same site. There will be more space, a larger waiting room for social distancing and more staff so we can do more tests.

The new location can be accessed on foot from the main building and signage will be in place to redirect patients from Main Reception to the correct location. Alternatively there is a small car park which also has two designated Blue Badge parking bays directly outside the Day Hospital which has its own access road. This is particularly important for patients with mobility difficulties as there is a climb and a series of steps when accessing from the lower car park.

25 August

Changes to the way you access blood tests

As we restart some of our services and to keep everyone safe as patient numbers increase, changes are being made to the way patients access blood tests at Airedale Hospital, Keighley Health Centre and Skipton General Hospital.

We are putting in place the following:

  • We are introducing an online appointment system at Keighley Health Centre from 1 September via will be released the week before each clinic

  • Drop in clinics will continue at Airedale Hospital and Skipton Hospital and we are planning to extend the hours of service

  • We are increasing the waiting area size and number of clinic rooms available at Skipton Hospital

Visit for the latest details.

20 August 2020: restarting services

During the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic we had to take the difficult decision to suspend many of our services, and to release colleagues from their usual roles, to focus on treating those patients who needed us the most.

Now that we are seeing fewer patients with COVID-19 we are beginning to re-start services. As part of this, it’s important that services are delivered in a COVID-secure way. Our priority remains the safety of our patients and our staff.

Each specialty will be contacting their patients to outline when and how you will have an appointment, or the timescales for restarting particular types of surgery.

Not every service is able to reopen immediately and those that can are not yet able to offer the usual numbers of appointments or perform the same number of operations. This is because we have had to introduce extra safety measures to keep you and our staff COVID-secure.

It is a changing picture, and each service is being reviewed regularly to ensure that, when we can open safely to more patients, we do so.

31 July 2020: new local lockdown rules

New rules have come into place which means that people from different households are no longer able to meet within homes or private gardens. These rules are in place for the Bradford district, Kirklees and Calderdale areas of West Yorkshire, as well as Greater Manchester and parts of East Lancashire.

If you live in one of the affected areas, in order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, you should not:

  • meet people you do not live with inside a private home or garden, except where you have formed a support bubble

  • visit someone else’s home or garden even if they live outside of the affected areas

  • socialise with people you do not live with in other indoor public venues – such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, places of worship, community centres, leisure and entertainment venues, or visitor attractions. You may attend these venues with people you live with (or are in a support bubble with), but should avoid interaction with others.

  • visit friends or family in care homes, other than in exceptional circumstances. Care homes should restrict visits to these circumstances

As a Trust we are complying with this new guidance, including in our hospital courtyard areas.

You can find details of what you can and cannot do on the Gov website here:

12 June 2020: lifting visiting restrictions

Guidance for visiting continues to be reviewed in line with government guidance. We are pleased to say that from 15th June 2020 we will be able to welcome some visitors back to our wards.

Unfortunately due to local lockdown restrictions as detailed above, you will not be able to visit if you are aged over 70, have previously been shielding or are pregnant. (updated 05/08/2020)

Visits are:

  • Only permitted for patients who have been in hospital for 21 days or longer

  • Limited to one close family contact or somebody important to the patient

  • Up to one-hour duration only

How do I arrange a visit?

  • Contact the ward to discuss appropriate arrangements

  • You should contact by 12pm to arrange visits for the following day

  • You will be asked some questions when you get in touch to decide if a visit can go ahead.

You will not be able to arrange a visit if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

COVID Patient Information Leaflet -Visiting Guidance for relatives AUGUST 20



Supporting relatives and carers

We have set up a range of services to support relatives, carers and families during this difficult time. We recognise that it is not easy being apart from your loved one when they are unwell. We hope the services we have set up will make your loved one’s stay in hospital more comfortable and provide you with peace of mind.

These include:

  • Virtual Visiting – having a visit with your loved one via a secure online link

  • Pick up/ drop off service for patient belongings

  • Sending Hugs Service

  • Care Parcels

For more information about these services, please click on the following link:

COVID-19 patient information

24 April 2020: domestic abuse campaign

Measures to tackle coronavirus  have drastically altered people’s day-to-day lives. While it is essential that the vast majority of people do stay home in order to protect the NHS and save lives, the government acknowledges that the order to stay at home can cause anxiety for those who are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is unacceptable in any situation, no matter what stresses people are under. There is no excuse for domestic abuse.

The Home Office has worked with a number of key partners and charities to launch a new national campaign to raise awareness that there is still support available for victims of domestic abuse. If you or anyone you know needs support, visit

Safe Lives have produced a guide for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, on staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

25 March 2020: all visiting suspended

Unfortunately we have now had to make the decision to suspend all visiting to the hospital. This is so that we can help to protect everyone.

The only exceptions are:

  • For those receiving end of life care

  • A birthing partner accompanying a woman in labour

  • An adult accompanying their child in paediatrics or the neonatal unit (must be immediate family or a carer)

  • For patients with learning disabilities one family member or carer can accompany them following discussion with the ward

In these cases only one adult will be permitted – please contact the ward in advance to discuss appropriate arrangements.