Inpatients – During your visit

Patient meals

Airedale NHS Foundation Trusts commitment to the patients requires the catering department to fully comply with the agreed quality standards of the service for the benefit of our patients to provide a better quality service and improve patient’s nutrition which are;

  • To provide a high quality catering service of the type and at the times and locations set out in the catering specification.
  • To provide wholesome, attractive food in accordance with the Trust’s Food and Nutrition Policy and National Guidelines for Catering Services.
  • To provide a prompt, safe and effective service in a responsive manner, minimising delays and dissatisfaction for all users.
  • To provide a well-trained, motivated workforce who has empathy with all users, especially patients, of the service provided.
  • To ensure all areas meet the specified standards of cleanliness, food safety and Health and Safety required by the appropriate policies and legislation.

All patients have the opportunity to comment on the catering service by completing the questions on the reverse of the Menu Card each mealtime. We have an open culture and are happy to listen to our customers. Also we carry out face to face surveys on a monthly basis with 20% of patients to ascertain the satisfaction levels.

We operate a system of protected mealtimes on the wards. The aim of this is to provide an environment for patients to eat their meals without and unnecessary interruptions, which we hope will improve their consumption of food and aid recovery.

Patient meal service
Patients can choose their meals by ticking appropriate boxes on the Patient Choice Menu Cards, assisted by the Ward Hostess or Nursing staff on the ward.

A continental style breakfast, with porridge, cereals, fruit juice, bread and bread rolls. Toast is served on the ward with a choice of hot drinks.

Provides 3 main hot dishes including 1 vegetarian choice, 2 main course salads, a choice of potatoes and vegetables, a choice of hot puddings, ice-cream and fresh fruit.

Evening Meal
Provides soup, fruit juice, 2 main hot dishes of which 1 is vegetarian, a choice of potatoes and vegetables or side salad, jacket potato with a choice of fillings, 2 sandwich choices and cold sweets.

Drinks and Snacks
Drinks are served on the ward throughout the day. Cakes and biscuits are provided twice daily, and snacks are available 24 hours a day.

Special and therapeutic diets are also catered for.

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Spiritual Care
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