Ward information and visiting times

Visiting someone in hospital plays a vital part in helping them to recover. We encourage you to visit your family and friends but ask you to follow some simple rules to reduce the infection risks to patients and aid their recovery.

We have made visiting times more flexible on all of our adult inpatient wards. Visiting times are 11am-8pm, seven days a week (please check the table below for any exceptions).

To help us minimise the spread of infection, we ask that a maximum of two people visit a patient at any one time. Please arrange with friends and family to take turns if necessary.

Sometimes a quick visit and chat is all that is needed and it ensures that the patient can have enough time to rest and recover.

Children are welcome but must be supervised by an adult at all times within the hospital.

All of our wards operate a protected mealtimes policy to limit the number of disturbances so patients can enjoy their meal. Please consider timing your visit appropriately to ensure privacy and dignity for all of our patients. If you would like to support your relative at mealtimes, please inform the nurse in charge.

For more information, please read our visitors charter here.

Visiting times and ward locations

Many of our wards offer flexible visiting for carers. If you are a carer, please speak to the nurse in charge about access flexible visiting or download the leaflet for John’s Campaign.

WardServiceVisiting timesTelephone numberAny other information
Emergency DepartmentEmergency casesNot Applicable01535 294481
Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) Location A4Urgent care and assessmentNot Applicable01535 294581
Ward 1 - Location C17Cardiology unit11.00 to 20.00 01535 292011
Ward 4 - Location C6Acute Elderly Medicine11.00 to 20.0001535 292041
Ward 5 - Location C5Stroke ward11.00 to 20.0001535 292051Stroke Club leaflets and other leaflets and information available on the ward.
Ward 6 - Location C9Endocrinology, gastroenterology and elderly medicine11.00 to 20.0001535 292061
Ward 7 - Location C12Respiratory11.00 to 20.0001535 292071
Ward 8 - Location C16The Endoscopy Unit is located hereNot Applicable01535 292343
Ward 9 - Location A19Trauma Orthopaedics11.00 to 20.0001535 292091
Ward 10 - Location A21Intermediate care ward11.00 to 20.0001535 292101
Ward 13 - Location A28Female gynaecology, surgery and gastroenterology11.00 to 20.0001535 292131
Ward 14/ Surgical Assessment Unit - Location A24Male surgical and gastroenterology11.00 to 20.0001535 292141
Ward 15 - Location A22The Digital Care Hub and Ambulatory Care Unit are located hereNot Applicable
Ward 16 - Location A20Critical care & high dependency unit (HDU)11.00 to 20.0001535 292261
Ward 17 - Location C20Children's unitOpen visiting for parents only. Others 14.00 - 16.00 and 18.00 to 19.3001535 292171
Ward 18 - Location B4Elective Orthopaedics
11.00 to 20.0001535 29218101535 292182
Ward 19 - Location B7Private patients, Haematology & endocrinology11.00 to 20.0001535 29219101535 292191 or 01535 292192
Ward 20 - Location B16Day surgeryNot Applicable01535 292201
Ward 21 - Location B18MaternityPartners and women's own children - anytime
Others 14.00 to 16.00 and 19.00 to 20.00
01535 292211Limited to three visitors per bed.
No other children allowed to visit other than siblings.
Ward 22 - Location B21Pre-operative assessmentNot Applicable01535 292319 (department is staffed 8am until 4pm)We are on the 4th floor near the Maternity entrance, a lift is available outside Ward 20 entrance for any patients with mobility issues.
Labour ward - Building 1Partners only01535 292402
Neonatal unit - Location B1924 hour visiting for parents. Others 14.00 - 16.00 and 19.00 to 20.00 01535 292391