Cancer Services

What we do

At Airedale NHS Foundation Trust we provide access to specialists for patients with suspected cancer to provide a quick and early diagnosis.

Patients will be involved in all decision making and treated by dedicated cancer specialists with strong links to other cancer centres in the region.

All patients diagnosed with cancer will be offered support from a clinical nurse specialist. A clinical nurse specialist is a qualified nurse who will be able to provide you with expert advice relating to your specific cancer.

Multi-disciplinary teams

All patients diagnosed with a cancer are discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting. This is where a group of doctors and other health professionals involved in your care and treatment discuss and decide together the best treatment options for you.

Mobile Cancer Unit

In November 2018, in partnership with charity Hope for Tomorrow, we launched our new mobile cancer care unit (MCCU).

The state of the art MCCU, which is 6 car parking widths wide and has 4 treatment chairs, has been designed to enable flexibility for treatment locations, depending on where the patient need is greatest.

The new MCCU, brings cancer care closer to patients in their own community and is owned and maintained by Hope for Tomorrow and is provided along with a Nurses’ Support Vehicle which allows the nursing team to travel to and from the daily locations of the MCCU.

The locations the MCCU visits are:

Booths Supermarket at Settle, National Trust at Grassington, Boundary Mill Colne, Woodbank Nurseries Wilsden, Booths Supermarket Ilkley, Generous Pioneer Wharfdale, Morrisons Supermarket Skipton and Sainsburys Supermarket at  Keighley.

You can watch Hope for Tomorrow’s video of their mobile unit in West Suffolk so you can see what it’s like to have treatment on board the unit.