Breast Cancer

At Airedale NHS Foundation Trust all patients referred to us by their GP for breast problems will be offered an appointment within two weeks.

Once a patient receives their referral they will be invited in to the hospital to a one stop rapid diagnostic clinic, this clinic provides a range of investigations which you will have at the time of the appointment if appropriate; the consultant who see’s you will assess and discuss your needs.

We run a number of clinics for patients diagnosed or suspecting breast cancer, including;

  • Reconstruction clinic

  • Genetic assessment clinic

  • Family history clinic (patients without breast symptoms who have concerns about a family history of breast cancer can be referred into this clinic)

  • Immediate breast reconstruction and prosthetic service

All patients diagnosed with breast cancer are discussed at a Multi-disciplinary team meeting. Please click here to find out more about multi-disciplinary teams.

A team of specialist staff provides support to patients diagnosed with breast problems before, during and after treatment. Including in-patient care, radiology, histopathology, follow up care and palliative care.