Colorectal Cancer

At Airedale NHS Foundation Trust we offer all suspected cancer patients an appointment within two weeks of their GP referral. We have a rapid access to the endoscopy unit for colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopy.

We offer a range of services for patients with a suspecting colorectal cancer, including;

  • Scans– we provide MRI scans, CT scans and PET scans. These are important as they provide information about abnormalities inside the body that are not otherwise seen.

  • Tumour markers

  • Day case endoscopy

  • CT ColonographyIn certain circumstances it would be helpful to view the inner lining of the bowel, but if it is felt that the insertion of a Colonoscope would cause too much distress or carry too much of a high risk it is possible that the inner lining of the bowel can be visualised using specialised CT imagine.

  • Inpatient surgery

  • Stoma Care Service for patients who have a colostomy

All patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer are discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting. Please click here to find out more about multi-disciplinary teams.

A team of specialist staff provides support to patients diagnosed with all colorectal cancers before, during and after treatment. Including radiology, histopathology, follow up care and palliative care.