Settle Health Centre

Settle Health Centre is in the centre of Settle adjacent to Townshead Surgery GP Practice.

The Health Centre is open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and hosts a range of services based permanently on site plus a range of outpatient services. (Please see the pages on the menu to your right for more information on permanent and outpatient services, from all providers.)

The permanent services are provided by Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Harrogate Foundation Trust but there are a range of outpatient services provided by these and additional providers.

The telephone number for the site is 01729 822205 which is via the reception staff on site who deal with all enquiries.

There are car parking facilities available for patients but these are restricted in number and are only available for use of patients whilst attending the health centre.

We are aware that a company calling themselves Settle Health is advertising medication via Facebook.  This is nothing to do with Settle Health Centre or with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.  If you are concerned about the way this company is operating, please contact your bank or