Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient ClinicTrustFrequency
AudiologyAiredale NHS Foundation TrustAlternate Fridays
Chronic PainHarrogate District Foundation TrustTuesday and Thursday
ColorectalAiredale NHS Foundation TrustFirst Thursday of the month
Community PaediatricsAiredale NHS Foundation TrustWednesday
Continence Airedale NHS Foundation TrustThursdays PLUS alternate Tuesdays from 28/03/17
DiabetesAiredale NHS Foundation TrustMonday
DieticianAiredale NHS Foundation TrustTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
EndocrinologyAiredale NHS Foundation TrustAlternate Mondays
General SurgeryAiredale NHS Foundation TrustEvery Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays
Heart Failure NurseAiredale NHS Foundation TrustThird Tuesday and Friday of the month
LipidAiredale NHS Foundation TrustThird Tuesday of the month
Low Visual AidsAiredale NHS Foundation TrustAlternate Fridays
MS/Neurology Specialist NurseAiredale NHS Foundation TrustFirst Wednesday of the month
OpthalmologyAiredale NHS Foundation TrustWednesday, Thursday and Friday
OptometryAiredale NHS Foundation TrustWednesday and Friday
OrthopaedicsAiredale NHS Foundation TrustMonday, Tuesday and Thursday
Orthotics Airedale NHS Foundation TrustWednesday
Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Nurse Airedale NHS Foundation TrustThird Wednesday of the month
PsychologyTees, Esk and Wear ValleysAd hoc basis
RenalAiredale NHS Foundation TrustMonday
Respiratory MedicineAiredale NHS Foundation TrustTuesday
RheumatologyAiredale NHS Foundation TrustAlternate Mondays and every Friday
Trauma & Orthopaedics Airedale NHS Foundation TrustMonday & Thursday and alternate Tuesdays and Fridays
UrologyAiredale NHS Foundation TrustAlternate Mondays and Wednesdays and every Friday