Employee Health and Wellbeing

Everyone at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust take the health and wellbeing of our staff very seriously. We want to help you improve your health so that you stay fitter longer. Healthy staff produce better patient care as well as having a more fulfilling work life balance.

If there are any aspects of your health that you are concerned about in relation to your work come and talk to us. It may be that you have had a serious physical or mental health problem in the past which hasn’t quite resolved or you are on long term medication and some modifications of your work would make life easier for you. You may just be worried about some current symptoms. Even if you are not sure whether your health might impact on the way you do your job, ask us. We can’t guarantee to sort everything out but we will work with you to do whatever is possible.

Give us a call on ext. 4401 or email employeehealth@anhst.nhs.uk. We will try to have an Employee Health and Wellbeing Nurse Advisor available to speak to you and you can make an appointment to come to one of our clinics. All our discussions with you are confidential and we won’t speak to anyone else without your permission.

All staff are offered appropriate immunisations against infections to which you may be exposed at work; the precise range of immunisations offered will depend on where you work. We may be sending you a separate appointment to come to Employee Health and Wellbeing Services for updates, screening or booster immunisations if required.