Endoscopy is a procedure that uses a long, thin, flexible, lighted tube called an endoscope to diagnose or treat a condition within the gastrointestinal tract.

Here at the Endoscopy Unit at Airedale General Hospital we offer a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Procedures we provide include:

Endoscopy procedures are performed by doctors and specially trained nurses (nurse endoscopists). All endoscopists have met the criteria set by the UK national endoscopy body JAG (Joint Advisory Group  on GI Endoscopy), and the unit is a JAG Accredited Service.

These procedures are delivered to both inpatients and outpatients. We also provide a 24 hour emergency endoscopy service which operates 365 days a year.

We provide a pre-assessment service for patients requiring colonoscopies and other lower GI procedures.

Our unit also provides screening as part of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

Patients and relatives are treated in a friendly and approachable manner at all times.  We work as a team assisting and supporting each other to ensure the smooth operation of the unit.

Our endoscopy unit is currently open Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 6.00pm and can be found at location C16.

If you have any queries about your endoscopic procedure here at Airedale, please contact 01535 292341.

For queries relating to your appointment please contact our waiting list office on 01535 292345.

Key staff

Julie Blackburn – senior sister

Allyson Wiseman & Jessy Thomas – junior sisters

Allison Charlesworth – matron for endoscopy and infection prevention

Laura Whittaker – clinical lead, upper GI surgeon

Emma Benson, Lesley Goulding and Kay Hudson – nurse colonoscopists

Aidan Henry & Lorna Harris – upper GI nurse specialists

Reeja Joseph – flexible sigmoidoscopy nurse specialist

Samantha Butterfield – JAG  co coordinator/reception manager

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The endoscopy unit team were highly commended at the 2018 Pride of Airedale awards in the team of the year category