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Airedale pathology is a fully accredited end to end pathology service which enables those responsible for delivering healthcare to achieve their goals. We care passionately about providing quality services, easily accessible for all by tailoring our service to best fit the needs of our users. Airedale Pathology provides a high quality diagnostic and consultative service to clinical users of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, and to Primary and Secondary Care providers in the locality.

The department is situated on level one of Airedale General Hospital, at the east end of the main hospital corridor. It consists of four main areas;

  • Clinical chemistry

  • Haematology and blood transfusion

  • Histopathology and mortuary services

  • Microbiology

They each hold full accreditation by CPA (UK) Ltd. Additionally within Airedale Pathology there are a number of support services which include, phlebotomy services, laboratory supply line and our own dedicated IT team.

Airedale pathology is the pioneer within the region in the use of order communications to allow for electronic requesting of pathology tests. It also provides paperless reports via its use of the ICE results server and seamless integration into SystmOne for GP surgery access.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found on this site. If you require more information about accessing our services, including sending your pathology to Airedale, please contact the following members of the team:

Director of pathology: (Tel 01535 293476)

Pathology Quality Manager: (Tel 01535 293447)