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The Haematology department comprises of routine haematology, coagulation and blood transfusion. The laboratory is in compliance with MHRA and holds training laboratory status with the Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

The department is under the clinical direction of Dr Emma Nga, consultant haematologist and is managed by experienced biomedical scientists. A continuous shift system operates and is therefore available 24 hours per day every day. Outside of routine hours there is a reduced service of only the more common and clinically urgent tests. However we do our best to accommodate any specific request provided there is a sound clinical reason for the urgency. Consultant advice to support the service is available at all times.

The department works closely with other hospital and community based services to provide a screening programme for the diagnosis of sickle cell and other haemaglobinopathies.

The blood transfusion department employs electronic release as the method of issuing blood components for patients under certain qualifying conditions. The majority of units issued are by this method of provision. However, blood components are also released in the traditional manner for patients that do not qualify for electronic release, such as those with identified antibodies. The blood transfusion department discourages the routine transfusion of blood outside of normal hours and has the support of a transfusion nurse specialist who is available for advice during normal working hours. Outside of these times biomedical staff within the department are available to offer advice.

StaffRoleTel No.
Aldyth StoreySection Manager Haematology01535 293445
Dr Emma NgaConsultant HaematologistSecretary – 01535 293472
Kevan LeightonBlood Bank Manager01535 293444