For patients

Histology 8The pathology department at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust provides an essential service to the hospital and local community. We provide pathology testing for doctors, nurses and GP’s which helps them determine what is wrong with you and also to monitor how your treatment is working. The majority of decisions about your care will be a result of tests that are performed by our department. Our consultant staff also provide a comprehensive advice service to these professionals. We test a wide variety of different types of samples from both hospital patients and GP surgeries. The most common type of samples received is blood samples.

Pathology is staffed by professional and highly-qualified individuals. These include phlebotomists (blood takers), medical laboratory assistants, biomedical scientists, clinical scientists and consultant pathologists. If you are a GP patient, it is unlikely you will have any direct contact with our staff unless you are having blood taken at the hospital by our phlebotomists or are required to drop a specimen into the laboratory. However, if you are a hospital patient, you may meet our haematology or microbiology consultants in addition to our phlebotomists.

Our services are regulated and we regularly have to demonstrate to governing bodies that we meet nationally recognised standards. The pathology department at Airedale is fully compliant with these standards. This provides everyone with the confidence that our services are operating to the highest levels of quality and that the results produced can be trusted.

We hope that this site proves useful and provides you with the information that you require. The answers to some of the more frequently asked questions can be found by clicking on the FAQ’s button. However, if for some reason you cannot find the information you require please contact the pathology helpline on 01535 293441, Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.00pm and we will be pleased to help.