FAQ’s about patient’s own medicines

1. Why do you want me to bring in my medicines?
This helps us to make an accurate record of all the medicines that you are taking. This will help us to give you the right dose of your medicines at the right time. With your permission, we can use your medicines whilst you are in hospital. This will help to avoid unnecessary costs and waste to the health service as we will not need to supply you with the same medicines that you already have at home.

2. What happens if I forget to bring in my medicines?
Try to get your relatives to bring them in for you.  If you are unable to do this don’t worry, the pharmacy department and wards stock a wide range of medicines and we will be able to supply any medicines that you need.

3. If I bring in my own medicines from home, what happens to them?
Your medicines will be kept safe in a locked cabinet usually beside your bed. Once prescribed on your inpatient prescription chart, doses of your medicines will usually be given to you by the nursing staff during your stay in hospital. A member of the pharmacy team will check your medicines and issue more supplies if needed during your stay and to take home. Medicines that are not prescribed on your inpatient prescription chart cannot be given to you by the nurses, but if you feel that you should be taking them, please tell the nurse, doctor or pharmacist.

4. What happens when I go home?
If you have any questions about your medicines after you go home, you can ask your GP or Community Pharmacist for advice or contact the medicines information service by phoning 01535 292506