What do I do if I can’t come to my appointment?
Please telephone the department as soon as possible – we will make you a new appointment. This is important as you may not be able to have your operation without preoperative assessment.

What if I am running late on my appointment day?
Again let us know as soon as you can – you may still be able to attend on that day depending how full the clinics are and when your operation date is. If not, we will arrange a new appointment for you

I am fit and well, I don’t take any tablets, why do I need to come to pre-op assessment?
We may need to do certain tests for all patients having planned surgery depending on age, weight, and the type of the operation. We can only do these if you come to you appointment. The nurses in pre-operative assessment also provide lots of information about your operation and the best way to prepare for this. Following the advice you are given at pre-operative assessment can lead to a much safer and more pleasant stay in hospital.

What if I need transport to get to my appointment?
Airedale Hospital can only provide transport for medical reasons. You will need to make your own arrangements to attend your appointment.

Where should I park if I am driving to my appointment?
Park in the outpatients car park (P1) – turn right at the top of the drive and take the first right, or follow the road to the bottom of the hill for disabled spaces. Enter the hospital through the outpatients entrance and one of our volunteer guides will be able to direct you to the pre-operative assessment unit. If you require one, wheelchairs are available to borrow.