Private Patients

Airedale Hospital has a number of spacious, private, single, en-suite bedrooms on ward 19 (Zone B Location B7) and also has two private consulting rooms.

Private patient services are provided in the following specialities:

CardiologyDr B Hanbali
Dr H Elmahy
GastroenterologyDr C Healey
Dr R

General Surgery Mr T Ahmed
Mr B Khan
Mr R Rao
Gynaecology Mr S Porter
NeurologyDr M Kunc
Orthopaedics Mr A Acornley
Mr B Hopton
Mr P Leggetter
Mr G Thomas
Mr C Wray
Mr D Bowe
Respiratory MedicineDr M Raashed
UrologyMr P Keonig
Mr N Shaikh
Mr O Baldo
Diagnostic imaging (including x-ray, ultrasounds, MRI and CT)

We have agreements with most of the Private Medical Insurance Companies and also treat self paying patients. Many of our consultants also see patients who require medical reports for insurance purposes, or who require specific tests or examinations before travelling or working abroad, for example. Please contact the private patients office for further details.