For Patients

If you are a patient or carer, or perhaps a member of public with an interest, you can help research. You could become a participant in clinical research study that may benefit many people. You could even help shape clinical research by becoming more actively involved and having a say. This might involve:

  • becoming a participant in a clinical research study that will help shape and improve services and treatments available to patients in the NHS;

  • working with researcher professionals and clinicians (e.g. doctors, nurses) to help ensure clinical research studies reflect patients needs and priorities so that studies are more ‘patient friendly’ and work better when they are underway in the NHS;

  • seeing how much Airedale is engaged in clinical research and how you might be able to influence them;

  • being involved as a lay member of a panel which reads through research information sheets to see if they are understandable to non-medical participants.

There are some links to some useful publications and information from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) below which explain more about how you can become involved in research and what clinical trials are all about.

The Involve website is dedicated specifically to sharing knowledge and information on public and patient involvement in research.