Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Programmes

We offer cardiac rehabilitation exercise classes at 3 venues, Airedale Hospital, Keighley Leisure Centre, and in Skipton at Broughton Road Community Centre.

The aim of the exercise programme is to improve overall health and wellbeing and reduces the risk of future heart problems.

They are coordinated by the cardiac rehab specialist nurses and the physiotherapists and are run in groups of between 10 – 15 people. The exercises are cardiovascular and include a warm up and cool down session. We assess fitness before and after the programme by means of a walk test. The programme can last up to 8 weeks with 2 sessions each week.

We also offer the option of a home based exercise programme, and this can be organised either by use of a exercise DVD specifically for heart patients or the heart manual which is a 6 week self led programme which is supported by a cardiac rehab specialist nurse.

Once the exercise programme is completed there is the opportunity to continue with similar exercise classes that are run in the community independently or alternatively we can provide information of other exercise and social activities within the area.