Healthy Heart Programme

We offer an education programme designed to help people improve their heart health and to help empower them to feel confident to self manage their heart conditions.

We invite our patients and their partners or relatives to attend up to three sessions on three separate days that are run at Airedale Hospital, in the Education Centre. The sessions last for two hours and take place in a group.

We have guest speakers including dieticians, psychologists, voluntary agencies and pharmacists and hope that the sessions have an interactive feel about them with plenty of opportunity for people to ask questions over a cup of tea or coffee.

It is now possible to receive the healthy heart information that is discussed at these face-to-face sessions virtually. Alternatively, if you are known to the cardiac rehab team please speak with your nurse for bespoke sessions and or written information booklets that can be posted to your home.

Please select from the following options:

For Healthy heart information written webpages:

For Healthy heart verbal and visual pre-recorded presentations to watch:

For resuscitation guidance including interactive videos:

For how to monitor your own blood pressure please watch this short film from the British Heart Foundation: