Speech and language therapists – Child Development Centre

We work with the child, family and educational setting to develop all aspects of communication – the ability to understand sound and words, the way the child expresses themselves through sound, words and sentences, pictures or signs. The therapists are also involved when there are particular problems with feeding such as problems with chewing.

The paediatric speech and language therapy (SALT) Child Development service is part of:

  • The multidisciplinary team offering support to children and their families within the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust catchment area from the Child Development Centre
  • A larger paediatric ‘core’ speech and language therapy service offering a comprehensive service to all children with communication difficulties within the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust area.

The team are based at the Child Development Centre and provide a service Monday to Friday. There is no bank holiday or weekend cover.

The multidisciplinary team sees children, from birth through to 18 years if the child is in full time education (19 years if in a special school), who have developmental difficulties.

The role of the Speech and Language Therapy team is to provide assessment and recommendations relating to speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) and/or eating and drinking needs, to enable children and young people to reach their maximum functional level in all aspects of daily life in the home, school or community.

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