Adult Team

The adult team provides the dietetic service to the wards and to patients who need nutritional support. This may include patients who are malnourished due to their diagnosis or who have increased nutritional needs as a result of their condition or medical treatment.

The team looks after patients who can no longer eat or drink normally due to problems swallowing. These patients may be fed with a tube into their stomach. The dietitians will visit patients at home to provide training and support so that patients can become more independent and better able to manage their feeding regimes.

The team also works very closely with the Catering Department to ensure that all patients receive suitable meals to meet their dietary, religious or cultural needs.

The team also hold clinics in the community for patients with a variety of conditions such as diabetes, coeliac disease, obesity, heart disease and malnutrition. They deliver talks to groups attending cardiac rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation to help them make a full recovery.