• Covid is a new disease, we still don’t know about the recovery process
  • Many people are reporting fatigue and not being able to perform their day to day activities as they would normally
  • Energy conservation principles can be helpful to manage energy during recovery
  • The three P’s may help you  to manage your fatigue

Pacing – break up tasks, take your time
Planning – thinking ahead, spacing out tasks. Organising your environment to save energy
•Prioritising – doing what matters to you and needs to be done (3 ds Do, Delegate, Ditch)

Tip for managing  in the Kitchen

•Use ready meals or cook in batches and freeze, for days when you are low in energy
•Use energy saving appliances – eg hot water dispensers, saucepans, electric can openers,  steamer, baskets in saucepans, slow cooker, food processor, microwave
•Spread food preparation tasks throughout the day
•Use frozen/ prepared vegetables
•Sit during preparation where possible

Tips for better  sleep

•Set up a relaxing bedtime routine, eg avoid use of electric devices, read, use bed for sleeping only, have a milky drink
•Have a 45 minute nap in the afternoon to give you energy for evening activities (remember to set an alarm)
•Avoid stimulants in the evening, eg caffeine and alcohol
•Practice relaxation techniques
•Make a list of things that need to be done the next day, to reduce anxiety
•Wear loose clothing, sit to dress

Shopping tips

•Have your shopping delivered, especially large bulky items if you  can
•Use a meal delivery service if available in your area
•Organise your shopping list to fit the layout of the shop
•Avoid large/ deep trolleys to avoid bending
•Ask for help with packing bags from supermarket staff
•take a few trips to bring the shopping in from the car, resting in between

Laundry  tips

•Spread the task throughout the day eg load the machine in the morning and empty in the afternoon
•Do several small loads throughout the week rather than one large load
•Use a low clothes horse and sit to hang out washing
•If available, ask for help to carry washing outside to hang out
•Sit to fold and iron

Leisure and social tips

•Plan your week so you have enough energy for the things you enjoy
•Stop activities when you feel tired, don’t wait until you’re exhausted
•Prioritise spending time with people who’s company you enjoy

Other useful links

•further advice from RCOT https://www.rcot.co.uk/recovering-covid-19-post-viral-fatigue-and-conserving-energy
•Printable advice document document
•Local support https://goodneighboursilkley.org.uk/   and https://keighleyvb.co.uk/
•Activity log to assist with planning your week. https://www.get.gg/docs/BACEdiary-weekly.pdf