Occupational therapy


“Occupational therapy assists people of all ages to achieve health and life satisfaction by improving their ability to carry out activities that they need or choose to do in their daily lives.” (College of occupational therapists 2007)

 “Occupation” refers to practical and purposeful activities that allow us to live independently and give us a sense of identity. This could be anything from essential day-to-day tasks, such as dressing or cooking, to the things that make us who we are, our job, interests, hobbies and relationships.

Occupational therapy provides practical support to enable people to overcome any barriers that prevent them from doing the activities that matter to them, and helps to increase people’s independence and satisfaction in all aspects of life. An occupational therapist will work with you and consider all your needs – physical, psychological, social and environmental.

Occupational therapists are skilled professionals who find solutions to everyday problems. For example an occupational therapist can advise you on approaching a task differently, using equipment or aids, adapting your home or working environment, and finding strategies to reach your chosen goals.

Other locations

Canalside Healthcare centre, Bingley – 01274 221051
Coronation Hospital, Ilkley – 01943 885153
Manorlands Hospice – 01535 640169
Skipton General Hospital – 01756 701703
The Oaks Resource Centre, Keighley – 01535 607355