Triage & Assessment

Triage & Scheduling
We triage daily according to your level of need and our qualified therapists use the NHS England categories of need. You will then need to wait for a therapist to review your case according to your priority and decide on the right course of action for you.

Mobility2 - CopyOur qualified therapists will assess your case and can sometimes prescribe your equipment without needing to see you. In this case we will write to you with the option to have a wheelchair and explain the voucher option. If you decide you want a voucher you tell us and we send it to you along with your prescription, otherwise we arrange for delivery and handover of your wheelchair.

In more complex cases we need to conduct a more detailed clinical assessment and you will receive an appointment. The assessment could be based in our clinic, at your home or school and could include more than one member of our team depending on your needs.

If you are being assessed for a powered chair, there are various stages of the assessment including a GP confirmation of medical eligibility, an environmental assessment of accessibility and you will need to demonstrate safe handling and control before your chair can be issued. You would also need to pass a road safety test before being allowed to go outdoors.