FAQs about getting a wheelchair

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get a wheelchair?
A. If you meet the eligibility criteria you can ask your GP or other health professional to complete a referral on your behalf. Once your referral has been accepted you can then re-refer at any time.

Q. Have you got anything lighter that I can lift into the boot of my car?
A. Our typical standard wheelchair only weighs 14kg which is considered lightweight. If you want to get an even lighter chair you can take the voucher option where we give you the equivalent cost of purchase to the NHS and an allowance for repair for a warranty period. You will need to pay the difference and be responsible for repairs and maintenance.

Q. Do you provide power packs?
A. No we do not provide power packs but we will consider compatible power packs to be fitted to certain wheelchairs with prior agreement. Please contact the service to discuss this further. Power packs can be very heavy to attach and are not suitable for many clients. It is very important that if you decide to purchase one that you trial it at a reputable shop prior to you deciding to buy one.

Q. Can I take my wheelchair on holiday?
A. Yes, if it is covered by your holiday or home insurance.   If your holiday company request the weight of your wheelchair it is on the manufacturers label on the frame.

Q. What do I do if my wheelchair breaks down on holiday?
A. Contact the local wheelchair service if in the U.K. If you’re abroad please contact the service on your return to arrange its repair for wheelchairs provided by Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

Q. Do you do short term loan?
A. No we only provide wheelchairs for long term needs as stated in our eligibility criteria. We would refer you to the British Red Cross or other charities and local mobility shops for you to hire.

Q. If I breakdown away from my home in my wheelchair will you collect me or repair my wheelchair whilst out?
A. The repair service does not provide roadside repairs or recovery home. You need to include this in your own breakdown or recovery insurance including possibly in a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Q. How long does it take to get a wheelchair?
A. From receiving your referral to your equipment being received we aim for less than 18 weeks. If the equipment required is in stock we may be able to provide it quicker. There is a longer wait on some specialist assessments and equipment, in particular when supplying powered equipment or things from multiple suppliers.

Q. What happens if my condition changes and/or the wheelchair no longer meets my needs?
A. You can contact us directly or be referred by a health professional and provide details of how your condition has changed and what aspects of your wheelchair no longer meet your needs. We will review your case and agree an appropriate plan with you.

Q. Could I have a headrest?
A. Headrests are only provided for specific clinical reasons and not for vehicle transportation, this is yours or the transport agency’s responsibility.

Q. I have a private wheelchair; can the NHS provide me with a cushion?
A. No we can only provide cushions for NHS prescribed wheelchairs and vouchers that we have issued the prescription for.