Financial benefits

Health Service Discounts

All NHS staff have access to health service discounts, an on line service offering discounts from high street shops and suppliers.  Details can be viewed at


The NHS pension scheme is one of the best in the country.  As a member you get a package of pension benefits which are guaranteed by law when you become entitled to them.  This includes:

      • A pension and tax free lump sum when you retire
      • Life assurance cover of twice your annual pay
      • Redundancy benefits
      • Options to increase benefits
      • Family benefits

For more information about pension benefits contact the finance department on 01535 294933 or visit

Staff Lottery

The staff lottery is open to all permanent employees of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.  It provides cash prizes for winning staff who take part every month and also makes 50% of the prize fund available for the health and wellbeing of all staff through applications for funds for staff benefits to the lottery committee.

Signed application forms must be sent back to the Lottery Administrator by the 14th of each month to ensure they are entered into that month’s draw.  Further details – together with a downloadable version (PDF) of the application form to join the staff lottery – are available on trust intranet / SharePoint site, under Communications.

Bradford District Credit Union

Bradford District Credit Union is an ethical savings and loans company run by their members who live within the Bradford District. They are a friendly alternative to high street banks, doorstep loan sharks and other costly money-lenders.

Key features

  • Instant Access – Withdraw your money when you like
  • Flexible – Vary the amount you save
  • Convenient – Save via standing order, payroll or cash
  • Safe – All savings are protected by the FSA
  • Compensation scheme
  • Annual Dividend paid to all members*
  • Children can save too with our new Junior Savers account

£200 to £7,500 and paid back between 6 months
and 36 months.
Loan decisions are based on affordability

How to join
Fill out a membership form
We need to check two forms of ID, one should have
your signature on, one should have your address
Bring it into the main office or one of the Community
Contact points listed on the website and we’ll help you
fill it out – That’s it!

Children can join as well
Fill out a Junior Savers application form
All junior accounts linked to an adult trustee
No minimum savings amounts or annual fee for Junior
Savings only – No loans